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February Employee of the Month

February 10, 2017

The February Employee of the Month Devon Ruiz says it’s an honor and surprise to be selected after working at the SSA department as a Community Contracting Specialist for the past 4 ½ years.

“Having worked in the social services field for almost 15 years and coming from a background in child welfare, it’s not often that I have received formal praise or recognition,” shared Devon.

Devon’s co-workers say she has always been an outstanding employee but was moved to nominate her now because she has gone above and beyond this year to help individuals, providers, and their department.

“Devon has worked extremely hard this year to cover a high turnover rate at her position,” noted a co-worker. “She has helped cover two caseloads in addition to her own, while enrolling several new people onto waivers.”

 “She spends countless hours adjusting budgets to make sure individuals have the staff and help they need,” said a fellow employee.  “She puts her heart into her work and cares for the individuals on her caseload.”

Devon says she loves working with the individuals who are able to be integrated in the community with supports they receive funded through waivers.

“All of the individuals on my caseload have a waiver and live in homes found in typical residential neighborhoods,” explained Devon. “It’s great being part of the team that enables them to do so.”

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