Service and Support Administration (Ages 3+)

About Support Administration

Individuals ages three and above eligible for Newhope services are assigned a Service and Support Administration (SSA). The SSA meets with each individual and their team to discuss what is important to them and their goals for the future.

This information is then used to develop an outcome-based Person-Centered Plan. The SSA serves as the primary point of coordination to develop and implement the plan. The SSA works closely with each individual, family, and team of support to ensure the highest quality of service delivery.

Supports can include assistance with daily living needs, therapeutic needs, learning new skills, connection to resources and social groups in your community as well as support to find and maintain a job. Some supports may also include adaptations or environmental modifications that increase independence and remove barriers to experiencing a personally-fulfilling life.

Determining Eligibility

To determine if you or someone you know is eligible for services, please contact the Intake and Eligibility Department at 419-774-4201 or or

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