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New Day Hab Focuses on Community Inclusion

New Day Hab Focuses on Community Inclusion

October 15, 2019

 Independent Providers Lorri Lewis and Cassandra Hehmeyer have joined forces and just recently opened a Day Habilitation together called Choice Express. 

 The Choice Express is located at 1500 W. Fourth Street in the strip mall next to Shirt Shack.

 “We are excited about this location because it really is big enough and has a lot of potential.  We are taking a limited number of individuals, giving our current clients first priority,” said Lorri.

 Their starting limit is 10-15 people. A waiting list has been created for anyone interested after they reach 15 clients. 

 Their focus is true community inclusion, skill building for daily living, and recreation and leisure. 

 We look at each individual’s interests, hobbies, passions, etc. Community inclusion includes one or two clients that have the same interest. These are not big group activities,” explained Cassandra.

 Choice Express will review and create classes in-house and out of the building based on the individual’s skill level.

 They plan on conducting weekly cooking classes that include a wide variety of small and large appliances that everyone can use. 

 “Even if an appliance cannot be used, we will find recipes that someone can make on their own,” added Cassandra.

 Choice Express’s goal is not to just fill a person’s day with activities but to assure every person feels they have been given weekly opportunities that can enrich and improve their lives. 

 “We are excited about this new service,” said Lorri and Cassandra. 

 For more information about their services contact them at their office (567) 560-3121.


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